Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury sparring Session: From AJ wobbling Gypsy Kings to mind games, coach recalls the famous fight

ANTHONY JOSHUA defeated Tyson Fury in their infamous sparring match, as his first boxing coach. In 2010, the future heavyweight rivals shared three..


ANTHONY JOSHUA defeated Tyson Fury in their infamous sparring match, as his first boxing coach.

In 2010, the future heavyweight rivals shared three rounds together and the story has become legendary.

Anthony Joshua photographed during the 2012 Olympics

Tyson Fury fought Anthony Joshua in 2010.

Few people will ever know the details of that fateful day. Sean Murphy, Finchley Amateur Boxing trainer, is one such person.

SunSport has exclusive access to Murphy's sparring session, and how he feels AJ did better.

He stated that Josh had just won the ABA title at the time. He was still relatively a novice.

Tyson claims that he thinks that if I just move this kid around, it will be a breeze.



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"When he came up, his trainer told him that he wanted to do three rounds of relaxed training.

"Imagine that I have a packed gym with about thirty people, Josh.
Josh has just won the ABA title. It's going be difficult for me to say, 'Can we just go light? He just wants a little movement around.

Tyson stared at me and said, "Bring it on!" Bring it on!

"I warned him about Josh, and said he knows that you're a professional. He also said he sees you as an upcoming prospect. You have stated that if anyone can knock you down in sparring, I'll give you my Rolex."


Murphy shared his account of the experience.

He said: "When they got in for the first round of the match, Tyson thought it would be easy and light.

"He is very relaxed and Josh is hitting him with an setup one-two lefthook uppercut. It kind of wobbled him.

"So it was like, "Oh, f***ing hell! This is serious now!" We won the first round.

"The second round Tyson began to get in his head a bit verbally. Tyson won round 2.

"So I gave Josh an oblique, 'What is the f*** you doing? You're letting him in your head now, calm down. You are losing. Box like you did in round one.

"And he did that the third time and won. At the end, I said, "Jump out." And Tyson responds, "No, no, not!" Another round, one more!

"I knew Tyson was going to take it out on Josh. I replied, "Nah, Nah, Nanah. You only asked for three rounds. That's all you get." '"

Tyson had at the time offered his Rolex to any sparring partner who could beat him.

Murphy said that Joshua was close to winning the luxury watch.

The coach also admitted that he would have allowed Fury to play more rounds, if Fury was willing to pay.

Murphy stated: "So Josh got out. But Tyson did have another round against a lad named Stacey, who was training for White Collar fights.

"I asked Tyson before they sparred: 'Are we going to weigh him?'

"He said, "What do you mean to weigh him in?" I replied, "Are you going pay him?" He responded, "No, no. We don't do that."

"So, I did tell him that if he had paid me I would have gotten him to play more rounds with me. I knew the crack.


"He was going put more on the fourth round. Josh was an amateur at the time and didn't have that.

"So, we did three rounds and that was it. Tyson asked me, "Is the Rolex up for grabs?"

He just laughed. He was a very nice guy, I have to admit. He was down to earth and genuine.

It is still unclear what the sparring session meant, as Joshua, 32, and Fury 33 have yet to fight each others.

It was defeated by Oleksandr Usyk (35) in September.

The domestic derby was further hampered when Fury, 34, knocked out Dillian Howte in April. He then announced his retirement.

Joshua will rematch Usyk in Saudi Arabia, August 20, so there are still hope.

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If Usyk is upset by AJ in their Saudi sequel and the Gypsy King pays the right price, then the two could share the ring once again. But this time, for real.

Tyson Fury announced his retirement following the defeat of Dillian Whyte

Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua are scheduled to rematch on 20 August