Floyd Mayweather identifies HIMSELF as the fifth best boxer with Muhammad Ali after an epic rant about The Greatest

FLOYD MAYWEATHER was not shy in calling HIMSELF THE BEST fighter - before going on a tirade about Muhammad Ali, after placing him fifth. Legendary..


FLOYD MAYWEATHER was not shy in calling HIMSELF THE BEST fighter - before going on a tirade about Muhammad Ali, after placing him fifth.

Legendary 45-year-old has a untarnished career record of 50-0

Floyd Mayweather has ranked HIMSELF as the greatest boxer all-time, ahead of a host legends

Mayweather began a bizarre rant about why he was better that Muhammad Ali

Money was invited to select the best athletes in his sport by ESPN's 2020 program Money. Mayweather has legendary names like Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, and Ali to choose from.

He immediately named himself the top choice and explained why.

According to the American, he had defeated more world champions in shorter periods of time and less fights than any fighter.

"Landed punches at a high percentage and received less punishment." He has been a world champion for 18 years in five weight divisions.

Ali was fifth in the list, a man widely regarded as being the greatest of all time. He said that Ali is only one-weight and had lost to Ken Norton three times.

"What he did was he stood up for a cause during an era when African-Americans weren't standing up for their people."

Ali was also named best boxer of all times by Mayweather, which was an outrageous rant from Mayweather.

He stated, "What are you judging fighters on?" If we judge fighters on their standing for a cause then Ali is the winner.

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Floyd Mayweather is the man who can take the least punishment and break records.

"Muhammad Ali was the one who paved the way for me, he's a legend.

"But, when we talk record breaking, we have to talk Ali losing his world title in a fight with seven fights.

"I must give my hat to Ali, but this sport has given me 40 years to believe that there is a better fighter than I."

The host claimed that Ali's boxing record included famous fights such as his Thrilla in Manila match with Joe Frazier, and suggested that Mayweather didn't have those types of brawls. This ignited the fire.

Money, fuming, replied: "That's just not cool." That's not cool.

"What I am here to teach fighters, is that hitting and not getting hit is the essence of the game. It's not about taking the punishment.

"I love Ali, but I don't like sitting on the ropes and taking punishments as far as a rope-a dope - that is not cool."

Pernell Whitaker was third, Roberto Duran was third, and Julio Cesar Chavez was fourth on Mayweather's own list.

He explained: "[Roberto Duran]. At 160lbs, he went from being a lightweight to a world champion. That guy is a legend. A legend.

"[Pernell Whitaker]. He actually beat Julio Cesar Chavez (the bout was officially a draw). He did beat Roger twice.

"[Julio Cesar Chavez]. He was 79-0 in various weight classes before he lost.