Floyd Mayweather offers Conor McGregor $157.9m to fight Gervonta and Ryan Davis in a boxing rematch. Ryan Garcia is also being considered for the undercard

FLOYD MAYWEATHER offered Conor McGregor $157.9 million for a rematch. He claimed that the fight would be easy work, easy cash, according to a source. ..


FLOYD MAYWEATHER offered Conor McGregor $157.9 million for a rematch. He claimed that the fight would be "easy work, easy cash", according to a source.

According to Money's camp, the undefeated champion is "training like he's 30," and is now looking forward to the fight in March in the Middle East.

According to

, McGregor has been offered more than $150m by Mayweather to fight him. The last time the pair faced off was in August 2017.

Both fighters received incredible amounts

from the boxing-UFC crossover. McGregor hasn't fought since sustaining a serious injury at UFC 264

The source said that Mayweather had also suggested that Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Martinez could face off on the same night.

SunSport was informed by a source that Connor had been offered 150 million euros ($157m) by Mayweather Promotions.

"Floyd is training like he's thirty again. He is in great shape.

"He tells people he wants Connor to fight because he sees it as 'easy work for easy income'.

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It looks like it could happen in March in the Middle East.

"There might even be a Gervonta Davis fight against Ryan Garcia on the same evening.

"Floyd wants this to be the biggest boxing night in history, with pay per view like never before."

Last week, rumors circulated that two sporting icons were discussing a possible rematch worth an incredible $1billion.

McGregor, a UFC legend, then posted on Instagram to claim the deal was possible.

The Irishman shared a photo of their first fight in June 2017, with the caption "I accept".

"I Pay Better"

UFC boss Dana White has shut down rumours that Mcgregor would make a comeback in the cage. However, Mayweather responded.

According to a source, "The fight is still going as far as Floyd's concerned."

Conor will accept it as a given.

"When it comes Dana, Floyd says "I pay better" and that's all that really matters.

SunSport reported earlier in the year that the two were in discussions over a rematch.

With over 4 million viewers, the McGregor vs Mayweather Las Vegas fight was the second highest pay per view in history.

Mayweather won 50-0 in the tenth round of the Dubliner stoppage. This earned him around PS250 million.

The bookies made money by taking the novice to the first round and backing him to win the final.

McGregor scored around PS100m in the fight, which was his first professional boxing bout.

Although Mayweather's win against The Notorious was his last pro fight, he has since fought in several exhibition matches.

In 2018, he defeated Tenshin Naukawa in a 136 second beatdown.

Logan Paul, a YouTuber, went eight rounds with Mayweather. But Mayweather later said he "held back".

Last month, Mayweather "fought" his sparring partner Don Moore in an exhibit on a Dubai helipad.

McGregor hasn’t fought in over a year since breaking his leg in an UFC defeat to Dustin Poirier.

McGregor suffered a broken leg during the shocking loss to Poirier