After a stunning engagement breakup, Oscar De La Hoya, boxing legend, is now dating Holly Sonders

Oscar De La Hoya, a BOXING legend, is now dating Holly Sonders, a TV presenter.The American is training for a sensational ring comeback when he faces ..


Oscar De La Hoya, a BOXING legend, is now dating Holly Sonders, a TV presenter.

The American is training for a sensational ring comeback when he faces MMA legend Vitor Beluct on September 11.

Oscar De La Hoya is in a relationship with Holly Sonders, a TV presenter.

De La Hoya confirmed that the relationship was valid outside Nobu restaurant, Miami

Sonders was once engaged to Vegas Dave, a famous pro-gambling gambler

According to reports, Sonders and De La Hoya met at a June boxing event.

Things are looking good for the 48 year-old, who is now out of the squared circle.

TMZ Sports has revealed that Sonders, the former world champion at six-weight, has teamed up with him.

According to reports, they met at a June boxing event where Sonders interviewed De La Hoya.

Sonders was previously engaged as a professional sports gambler, 'Vegas Dave'.

De La Hoya was married to Millie Corretjer, a Puerto Rican singer, on October 5, 2001. They had three children together.

In 2016, the couple split.

De La Hoya spoke out about his training and new relationship to TMZ. He said: "[I]m] healthy, not drunk, no nothing, just with Holly.

"And I'm going to f***ing knock this mother f ***** off. Do you want to see a real fight? "I'm going to knock that m ***** out f *****."

Sonders hopes to see her man win his big boxing return in September

At 34 years old, the former Golf Channel presenter was 14 years younger than De La Hoya.

Sonders went from interviewing De La Hoya, to being with him

Sonders' career is really taking off, and she has her own website.

When the boxer confirmed that they were an item, the happy couple were seen leaving Nobu restaurant in Miami.

De La Hoya was last seen in a pro fight in 2008. He was stopped by his corner after the eighth round against Manny Pacquiao.

De La Hoya, a fellow American, had already given Floyd Mayweather a scare 18 months before when he took him to the scorecards.

Mayweather won a split decision victory.

De La Hoya stated in a TV interview that he had considered suicide and was currently going to rehab after becoming dependent on alcohol and drugs.

"Rock bottom was just recently," De La Hoya stated during the interview.

"I was just thinking about my life for a few years and wondering if it was worth it. Although I didn't feel strong or courageous enough to take my life, I thought about it.

De La Hoya stated that he was sober for three month after receiving treatment and joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sonders, a former college athlete, decided to pursue a career as a presenter.

De La Hoya fought his last fight in 2008 against Manny Pacquiao, a legend.

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