After 'giving him an important boxing lesson' in his first fight, Oleksandr Usyk supported KO Anthony Joshua in the rematch

OLEKSANDRUSYK was backed to stop Anthony Joshua during their rematch, after having given him a boxing lessons in their first fight. Joshua was..


OLEKSANDRUSYK was backed to stop Anthony Joshua during their rematch, after having "given him a boxing lessons" in their first fight.

Joshua was defeated in 12 rounds by Joshua last September, but Joshua and Joshua are scheduled to rematch in Saudi Arabia on August 20.

Anthony Joshua lost to Oleksandr Usyk in September last year

In the final stages of the fight against exhausted AJ, Usyk nearly forced a knockout.

Frank Warren, Tyson Fury's promoter, predicted that Joshua would not hear the last bell.

Boxing Social's Warren said: "I believe this time around he will end him.

"This isn't a rematch with Andy Ruiz, who trained in his larder. This guy [Usyk] has all the attributes of a true athlete.

"He's been training hard, he's at camp, he takes the responsibility seriously. So I think he [Joshua] is gonna have a lot to do and won't get any home advantage."

Warren said, "He was behind that fight all of the way. I had Usyk in front of me, and Usyk was teaching him boxing lessons."

Joshua, 32, lost his first match in 2019, but was defeated by Andy Ruiz Jr., 32, six month later.

It would mean Usyk's victory over him, at 35, would make him a rare champion three times - though AJ has suggested that he might not be able to do so.

Joshua stated to JD Sports, "This big Anthony Joshua wins, becomes three times, I'm gonna dash these belts.

"Because I'm a person, you have to learn to respect me." This is what I meant. I am tired and don't want to get respected for the belts that I have.

"I want to be respected because you see the man I see."

Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua before their rematch

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