Anthony Joshua could be 'one the greatest heavyweights ever,' if he wins Oleksandr Uzyk rematches and Tyson Fury fight

ANTHONY JOSHUA could be one of the greatest heavyweights if he defeats Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. After being beaten in September by the..


ANTHONY JOSHUA could be "one of the greatest heavyweights" if he defeats Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

After being beaten in September by the Ukrainian, AJ will rematch Usyk in July.

Anthony Joshua will rematch Oleksandr Uzyk in July

Tyson Fury maintains that he is still retired

Fury, 33 years old, stated that he would not hesitate to fight for the winner of all the belts. He also announced his retirement.

WBC is now pushing for an answer from the champion heavyweight.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter, believes that if Fury changes his mind and Joshua beats Usyk (35), it could set AJ up to fight for a legacy-defining fight.

Hearn stated to iFL TV, "I guess he [Fury] will be asked, 'Are your retiring? And if so, do we need to vacate that belt?"

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"But he's not retiring, he won’t leave the belt and that's what I expect to happen. He may retire, but we wish him all the best.

"But I don’t think he will. I believe he will fight Usyk and AJ in December.

"It will be the undisputed champion, it will have a huge fight financial and it'll be a legacy-defining bout and it will place the winner as what we call a great generation.

"AJ will be remembered as one of the greatest heavyweights ever if he beats Fury and Usyk."


"And if Fury defeats them Fury goes to the bottom as that."

Joshua was defeated in a spectacular upset by Andy Ruiz Jr., 32, in New York in June 2019.

Six months later, the British star took revenge on Saudi Arabia with a rematch.

With his career at stake, AJ plans to make a comeback to the desert in hopes of doing the Double in the Middle East.

Hearn stated that there is a good chance that you will see the fight on July 23rd in the Middle East.

"We've received many offers from all over the globe. We've been looking at them and are close to that possibility.

"Team Usyk has stressed that this is the option they prefer, because it's expensive.

"Quite honestly, Team Usyk would prefer a neutral venue. I can't blame them. That's where we are.

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"Do we announce this Week? Most likely not. However, will we be announcing next week? It's almost certain.

"You'll see the fight, it will be in July. We'll make an announcement soon."

Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn

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