Armz Korleone is a 17th social media star and rap artist who can lift 230kg and will make his boxing debut

Armz Korleone, a SOCIAL MEDIA superstar, is a man with many talents - including boxing. With over 500,000 Instagram followers, the hulking 17stone..


Armz Korleone, a SOCIAL MEDIA superstar, is a man with many talents - including boxing.

With over 500,000 Instagram followers, the hulking 17stone Londoner is now a household name.

Armz Korleone, social media star and man of many talents, is

Boxing is Armz Korleone's next string

Armz Korleone has fought before in MMA

Armz is well-known for his remarkable physique. He has competed in weightlifting and bodybuilding before.

The 29-year old is also a skilled painter and rapper, and has tried his hand at many sports including American football and rugby.

Armz mixes funny online skits with workout posts - which is what he attributes to his popularity.

SunSport spoke with him: "It's a mixture of my physique, work ethic, and personality. It also reflects how I created my videos.

"I have always tried to make my content interactive and not just the usual stuff you see.

Armz has been trained at London Shootfighters mixed martial arts training since March last year and had a September MMA bout against 'Bouncer,' a music producer.

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Armz lost the points match. He will now make his boxing return on Saturday night.

His commitment to combat sports has meant that weight lifting has taken a backseat, although not completely.

Armz stated that weight training is not an option in mixed martial arts unless one has the time.

"Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing are two completely different sports. When I do my mixed martial art training, there is a lot wrestling, a lot striking, boxing, and kickboxing.

"For two hours, you're getting slammed on to the floor, doing locks, getting choked, and then you have do striking.

"So, after all that, there's no room for weightlifting. However, I have been working hard so I still do my weight lifting."

Armz has been lifting weights since he could remember. He joined a gym when he turned 16 and was legal to do so.

He revealed that swapping dumbbells and bench presses for heavy bags and pads was easier than he expected.

Armz Korleone competed in bodybuilding and weight lifting.

Armz Korleone has 500,000 Instagram followers

Armz stated that he loves it but knows in his head that he will return to it. But I am working towards something so I don't waste my time.

"The sacrifice is made for something" - but to be honest, it's not a sacrifice as I'm learning new skills.

"Weight lifting is something my body will always be used to."

Armz's personal record bench press was 230kg. This is equivalent to a 36 STONE person.

He said, "That was when I was at my peak." When I said that I was at my peak, it was when I was fully immersed in weightlifting and that was all that I was doing.

"So 230kg was my heaviest and 140kg was my warm-up!

"But for now, 140kg is my maximum work. "But, as I said, I'm returning, I'm returning for all the weights."

Armz was a heavy lifter at 119kg (18st 7lb), but now weighs in at 108kg (17st).

Armz Korleone can lift 230kg

Armz Korleone also played American football and rugby.

Armz Korleone used up to eight meals per day

Minikon, a US internet star, will take on Armz

Armz has lost weight and completely changed his eating habits.

He stated, "My approach to food is not conventional."

"Many people feel like they need to eat. They need to get their calories. I have never measured their calories.

"Before I started in the game, I would eat eight meals a day. I didn't know that I needed to start meal prepping.

"My approach to food has changed from the past, when I have been focusing more on myself. I pay more attention to my body.

"I don't overindulge when it comes to food. I don't care if I eat too many calories. If my body has enough energy to go to work, then I will.

"Sometimes, I don't even eat breakfast, so I just have a banana or some other food. That's enough for me."

Armz will be making his boxing debut against American internet personality and musician 'Minikon.

Armz Korleone is currently 17 lbs

. Instagram star, who is a martial artist instructor since March

Armz Korleone's boxing debut against American "Minikon"

He has also trained alongside MMA stars like Michael 'Venon" Page.

Armz is confident that he will be able to defeat anyone he meets at Wembley Arena next Wednesday.

He stated that he didn't know much and doesn't care. He's another person, I know that.

"When I arrived here, I was thrown in to the deep end. I am used to being thrown into the deep end.

"I came to this place and was sparring with all these pro MMA fighters.

"You don’t have the time to think, ‘Oh my God, what do you need? How heavy is he? What is his punching power?

"You don’t care about that. You just go in and face the music to survive.

"It's sink-or-swim, and that's my story and I've always survived.

  • You can stream the event on Pay-Per-View for PS7 from the Showstar website. Tickets can be purchased here.

Armz Korleone is also an rap star

Armz Korleone, a gifted painter, is

Armz Korleone and Michael 'Venom,' MMA star

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