"I will interrupt your!" - Eddie Hearn and a campaigner on GMB clash over the calls for ban boxing

EDDIE HEARN clashed on Good Morning Britain with a campaigner after passionately defending boxing. Anthony Joshua was promoted by Peter McCabe, Chief ..


EDDIE HEARN clashed on Good Morning Britain with a campaigner after passionately defending boxing.

Anthony Joshua was promoted by Peter McCabe, Chief Executive of Headway, a charity that helps people with brain injuries.

After defending boxing

, Eddie Hearn got into a fight with a GMB campaigner Peter McCabe, the Chief Executive at Headway, joined Eddie Hearn.

McCabe stated: "It irritates my that this notion that working-class boys can only get on in boxing is what I believe.

"And I grew up in a poor area of the country on a council estate, so there are many sports that teach discipline and encourage children to work hard and be ambitious.

"And those sports do not involve punching someone in the head."

He said, "The best way to win a fight is to make your opponent stupid ..."."



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Hearn then stated: "That's so naive."

McCabe retorted, "I didn’t interrupt you."

Hearn, frustrated, responded: "Well, you will be interrupted."

McCabe said: "The ultimate win in boxing is when you knock someone out, and the referee counts up to 10, and the person is concussed." They won't be able to get up."


Hearn also highlighted the positive effects boxing can have on people and said that detractors don't get to see it.

He stated, "If you went into a local amateur-boxing club and looked at these children and saw, what would they do without these coaches?"

"Without discipline, without exercising, without being able express themselves, it is impossible to learn about discipline.

"I believe that amateur boxing clubs should be funded. These clubs are run by volunteers who give their time to the community.

"Politicians and local MPs don't know that they are never allowed to enter the doors.

Peter, I'm a father. Do you think I'd send my daughters to an amateur boxing team if I didn’t believe it could have a role?

Hearn opened Brentwood Central ABC in his hometown, January.

Joshua, a former world champion heavyweight boxer, donated six figures to the amateur boxing associations of England and Wales in 2020.

Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister, also supported boxing and training in martial arts.

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Raab stated: "I know from personal experience, starting with the death of my father when I was 12 years old, that karate as well as boxing are very important for not only physical fitness.

"But also the role models and respect it brought me, as well as the ethos and a little bit of focus in my life. I am a middle-class boy from the home counties.

Eddie Hearn on 'Good Morning Britain'