Iranian Hulk breaks his silence over Martyn Ford's collapse and claims that the World's Scariest Men 'fled Dubai'

Sajad Gharibi (the Iranian Hulk) has spoken out about the collapse of his fight against Martyn Ford, the World's Scariest Man, claiming that the..


Sajad Gharibi (the Iranian Hulk) has spoken out about the collapse of his fight against Martyn Ford, the "World's Scariest Man", claiming that the 39-year old "fled to Dubai."

Ford, a movie star, was scheduled to box Gharibi, a weightlifter at Gharibi's gym on April 30, at the O2 Arena.

Gharibi claims Ford "fled" after he attempted to confront him in Dubai

Ford was called a cowardly coward by the Iranian Hulk

. Ford said that the fight would not go ahead Monday

The movie star stated that the fight would be 'postponed'

On Monday, however, it was announced the headline bout would not take place.

Ford said: "This was a statement that I didn't want, but unfortunately April 30 is going to force me to release it.

"The event is still going on, it's just me fighting. It will go on, and there are many great fights and people.

"Unfortunately, mine won't. This is due to reasons beyond my control. They are easy to find.



Usyk says he has started training in preparation for the AJ rematch.


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"I don’t want to talk about it. It is a waste of time and energy.

"I'm still training hard. There will be a debut. There will be a fight. I'm not 100% sure who, when, or why but it will happen.

Many are still unsure who the monster was and why.

Gharibi, speaking to Muscle and Health called Ford a coward for not attending a face-toface meeting in Dubai prior to the boxing match between Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson.

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Gharibi insists that he will travel to London to seek out more information from his 6ft9 opponent.

According to the 29-year old, Martyn is a fugitive.

"He fled to avoid meeting me, and refused to meet me at the Dubai boxing match between Thor and Hall.

"I went to the hotel where the man was staying, but he ran away behind his bodyguards and fled Dubai the next morning.

The stars contrast against one another

"I wanted to be alone with him to confront his cowardice. Martyn is afraid.

"I will go to London and I will answer all of your questions. Martyn Ford is a cowardly coward.

"It is embarrassing to be called his rival, he is more of an online clown than a fighter. He is only looking for views and followers, not fighting.

Gharibi suggested that Ford had cancelled the fight. This is an issue Gharibi will pursue legally, if necessary.

He said, "Sooner than later, I'll discipline him.

"The contract that we had for the fight did not allow any fighters to cancel it, and my manager Mostafa Hashedi will pursue this matter legally."

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Fans can still see Patrice Evra, Manchester United's legend, inside the squared circle, despite Ford and Gharibi clashing.

Evra, 39 years old, will take on American YouTuber Adam Saleh.