Jake Paul makes crude spoof videos mocking Tommy Fury, Molly Mae and launches a scathing attack against 'bum John'

JAKE PAUL has turned the heat up on his bout with Tommy Fury by viciously mocking the Brit, as well as his girlfriend Molly Mae and dad John.The..


JAKE PAUL has turned the heat up on his bout with Tommy Fury by viciously mocking the Brit, as well as his girlfriend Molly Mae and dad John.

The rivals are finally set to do battle at Madison Square Garden in New York on August 6, after Tommy had to pull out of their original bout last December.

Jake Paul posted a spoof video mocking Tommy Fury and Molly Mae

Jake Paul video about Tommy Fury, Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXopvNTWWVw

The spoof Tommy is desperate to impress Molly Mae

The video will spice up Jake and Tommy’s rivalry even further

In a video posted to his 20million YouTube subscribers, Paul performed in a crude parody skit.

Playing Fury himself, the Problem Child depicts his rival supposedly “finding out” that he’d secured a bout with Paul.

The scene also shows a woman dressed as Molly Mae, donning a bleached blonde wig and sunglasses while pouting and taking selfies.

Paul begins by flexing into a mirror and repeating the mantra “you’re not a pu**y mate” in a rubbish British accent.


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The scene then depicts John Fury calling Tommy with the news that he’s fighting Paul.

The mockumentary style footage depicts Tommy as desperate to prove himself to spoof Molly Mae, who says: “Does that mean you are finally going to help me with the bills Tommy?”

As the scene goes on Paul, playing Tommy, says: “I won’t be an embarrassment anymore.”

The spoof Molly also labels a selfie of them with the hashtag: “NeverAsGoodAsTyson.”


A burglar then enters the property, with Jake, as Tommy, cowering behind spoof Molly Mae.

Later in the video, after the parody scene is concluded, the Problem Child brings up an article about John Fury’s previous prison stint and says: “I think he should go back to jail. He got knocked the f*** out, roll the clips.”

Paul then plays a video of John getting knocked out by Henry Akinwande in 1991, and Steve Garber in 1995.

He then brutally concludes: “So this is what I see from the family.

“Tyson Fury is a giant, he’s heavy, he’s f***ing fast, he’s athletic, he’s strong. He’s a legit f***ing… one of the greatest champions of all time – respect to Tyson Fury.

“I had no problems with Tyson Fury until obviously we started our s*** talk back and forth. Things got personal, whatever, so be it.

“I respect Tyson Fury, regardless of all of that. The problem is that Tyson Fury’s dad John is living vicariously through his son, because his boxing career was s***.

“He never had anything, he was a bum. So now you have this family where there’s only really one real superstar, money maker, successful fighter.

“So basically Tommy thinks he’s just as good of a fighter as Tyson and I’m going to expose that, August 6.”

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At one point in the video, Paul does admit that Tommy will represent his biggest challenge in the ring.

He said: “All jokes aside, this is my toughest test yet.”

Jake brutally lays into John Fury

The Problem Child claimed that John ‘lives vicariously through Tyson’