Jake Paul warns Conor McGregor that it's over, but the YouTuber states, 'I don’t think his ego could possibly accept that'

JAKE PAUL warned Conor McGregor that it was over, but said that he didn't believe his ego could accept such a statement.YouTuber Paul, who is 3-0 in..


JAKE PAUL warned Conor McGregor that it was over, but said that he didn't believe his ego could accept such a statement.

YouTuber Paul, who is 3-0 in boxing all by knockouts, offered McGregor $50 million to fight him last December.

Jake Paul warned Conor McGregor that it was over

Conor McGregor received $50m to fight Jake Paul 2020

However, the Irishman was beaten by Dustin Poirier, the man he beat in 2014. It happened in dramatic fashion a month later.

After McGregor, 33 broke his tibia just seconds before the end round of round one, Poirier, 32 won the trio bout.

The UFC's former champion at two-weight was attacked for his trash talk pre- and post-fight, including threats to KILL his American opponent.

Paul also slammed McGregor for taunting the UFC poster boy.

He said to MMA Fighting, "Look, he was this guy that was so much the s*** and was the center of attention, and now, his career has plummeted."

"He's falling apart. He is now 1-3 in five year and it seems like people don't care. He is disrespectful. It's almost too much.

"There is a point where it's cool, yeah. It's the fight sport. You can forget what I said.

"Talk as much as you like, but you'll eventually look stupid."

"It's not that he is disrespectful. He just looks dumb with all the crap he says, threatening people to kill them.

"Then, he goes out partying, then he drinks again, and hits the clubs in L.A. Man, I don't know.

"I think it's over and I don't believe his ego can accept that."

Jake Paul joined an elite company

Paul will face Tyron Woodley (39), ex-UFC champion in his fourth and most difficult fight on August 29.

He has so far only defeated his online opponent, "AnEsonGib" ex-NBA star Nate Robinson (37), and most recently, Ben Askren (37), who was a retired UFC welterweight.

Paul continues to fight the UFC president Dana White, and has McGregor's former rival Nate Diaz (36), in his plans.

He stated that he believed that there was a big fight between them and that he was ready to go. Anybody, at any time, anywhere.

"I believe that Nate Diaz against Jake Paul fight is more interesting than a Jake Paul drunk Conor McGregor fight."