Joe Joyce announces Joshua vs Usyk winner as British juggernaut batters Christian Hammer in bid to win the world title shot

JOE JOYCE was able to survive a close shave last night with Christian Hammer and can now attempt cutting down Anthony Joshua. In the lead up to the..


JOE JOYCE was able to survive a close shave last night with Christian Hammer and can now attempt cutting down Anthony Joshua.

In the lead up to the fourth round KO of the tough German, the 36-year-old Putney Juggnaut started a dispute with his former Team GB Training buddy.

Joe Joyce celebrates his victory over Christian Hammer

Joyce punchesHammer at the WBC Silver Silver fight and WBO International Heavyweight fight at OVO Arena Wembley

A few days prior to Joyce's visit to Wembley arena, the Hamburg 34-year old went down. After a few early scares, AJ ridiculed him for promoting an electric razor specifically for men's privates.

The fine art graduate, who expected Oleksandr Usyk would win the August 20 rematch against AJ, leaving the London 2012 Olympic medalist looking for a comeback fight, now wants to take the victory over his prickly dream rival.

Hammer, 6ft 6in tall, was nailed by a variety of body and head blows at the beginning of the opener.

Hammer, however, tested Hammer's famedly strong whiskers using a hat-trick piledrivers that scared the London crowd.

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AJ tells Joyce that he can concentrate on promoting his ball-trimmers.


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Three looping flush hands pushed Joyce's nose and mouth with their flushes, but the granite-chinned hulk continued to fight the assault.

Hammer continued swinging in the second, landing a worrying number of clean digs but Joyce's iron jaw refused his betrayal.

Joyce got his fans up and dancing in the third, when Joyce's chunky German-looking German was bratwurst-like for wear. He was then bludgeoned right on the bell for an 8 count.

Hammer was folded in the fourth, when his meaty and fatty ribs were whacked. It took two minutes for Hammer to finish the stanza. He was then waved off by a third decking from another torso trembler.

Joyce, who will be boxing again in September, exclaimed: "He was tough, game, and hit me with big shots early on.

"It was a year since my last trip out. It was a great experience.

"I take a few shots early to get into the fight, so I can start my footwork and head movement.

"I am a strong, big-hearted person with a great engine and a great chin. I'm ready to take on any challenge.

"I want to see Usyk win AJ vs Usyk."

Joshua, 32, may have fired Joyce up when Joyce replied to his jibe that he was a chinny businessman, as the war of words escalated with his friend-turned foe.

The ex-world heavyweight champion quipped, "We're all trying promote something and be businessmen -- He's promoting ball trimmers, I'm not.

Joyce celebrates his fourth round knockout in Hammer

Joyce called AJ and Oleksandr Uzyk after they had dispatched Hammer

"What is good for him, is not for me. He shouldn't be punished for his behavior.

"I don't have the chin of Joe Joyce, and I certainly wouldn't take the punches that he takes."

"But good fortune to him. He's on my list, but he'll be able to get what's coming his way.

He's getting older and he thinks he needs to fight. His record is not impressive, he's been to 14 fights. He needs it, I believe."

Joyce will be the Baddest Man on Earth if he does manage to get a shot at AJ.

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Joshua stated that prize-fighting was about honoring your brothers and giving them a chance to make a living. That's what Mike Tyson said.

"It's what prizefighting is all about, and if I live up to what my icons taught me, 100 percent I'll give Joe an opportunity."