Meet Carolina Pasquali, Dillian Whyte's sport-mad girlfriend and Tiziano's star for Italy's rugby team

Carolina Pasquali, Dillian Whyte's gorgeous partner in MEET boxing. 33-year-old Whyte has signed a contract with Tyson Fury to fight him ahead of..


Carolina Pasquali, Dillian Whyte's gorgeous partner in MEET boxing.

33-year-old Whyte has signed a contract with Tyson Fury to fight him ahead of the April 23 showdown at Wembley.

Glamorous Carolina Pasquali is an actress and boxing Wag

Carolina and Dillian Whyte have been together since 2017

Carolina, a beautiful Italian woman, is a sports fanatic and a fitness enthusiast

However, don't be surprised if Carolina, an Italian beauty, is not in the ring for the all-British bout.

They keep their relationship private and rarely see each other.

Dillian, a heavyweight champion, is not the only sportsman she knows. Tiziano, her brother, plays rugby for the Italian national soccer team.

Romance and sport

Although it is not known when Carolina and Whyte got together, both are connected to Loughborough University.

He used it to train for fights and played rugby with their women's rugby team.

They shared photos on social media of them looking smitten in the beginning years of their relationship.

Carolina was referred to by Whyte as his "homie" one time, but in another snap from 2017, she called him her "no1 fan" as she stood in full rugby gear alongside her man.

Sporty Carolina often shows off her toned body to her 7,000+ followers on Instagram.

She can also play a variety sports like football, hockey and volleyball.

Pasquali and Whyte have strong ties to Loughborough University (TAG4] Carolina has taken up a variety sports

Carolina seems to love rugby

Carolina, a muscular woman, shows off her sculpted body

She is an artist at heart

Carolina clearly loves to play sport and work out. However, she also enjoys painting.

Animals are clearly her favorite subject to paint.

There are many images on her social media - including leopards, dogs, and horses.

She loves animals and has a dog named Whyte.

She also displayed a painting of Tiziano, her famous brother and rugby star from Italy.

Pasquali doesn't hesitate to show off her beautiful bikini body

Pasquali and Whyte have a dog

Carolina enjoys painting in her spare time

Carolina loves animals

Carolina immortalized her brother Tiziano Pasquali through some art work

Sport is for the whole family

Carolina is more than just a photographer of Tiziano. She supports every move.

She can be seen cheering on the Italian rugby team's 27-year old when he is active.

She is clearly close to her brother, and they often share candid family snaps together.

She was proud to see him go for the Azzuri at Six Nations.

Tiziano seems to get on well with Whyte.

Tiziano Pasquali is a member of the Italy rugby national team

Dillian Whyte and Tiziano Pasquali appear to be friends too

Online, you can find a Facebook video in which the couple pretends to be psyched out.

This hilarious clip shows Tiziano bursting into laughter while Whyte watches over him.

Carolina might be able to attend the fight against Fury in person, just in case.