Mikaela Mayer is infatuated with UK boxing fans. She can't wait for her return to fight big money and Primark bargains

MIKAELA MAIER wants a UK return to big-money fights, world titles belts and Primark bargains. The super-featherweight world champion, aged 31,..


MIKAELA MAIER wants a UK return to big-money fights, world titles belts and Primark bargains.

The super-featherweight world champion, aged 31, visited Cardiff and London last month to do a commentary shift with Sky Sports.

Mikaela Mayer went to Cardiff and London for Sky Sports commentary

After Saturday's defeat against Jennifer Han in California, the 16-0 bombshell wants a British comeback to thrill her boxing fans and stock her wardrobe with bargains.

SunSport spoke with Mayer: "I enjoyed my trip to the UK. I only managed to drink one pint because I was so busy. But I plan to return soon to face one of your champions.

"British boxing enthusiasts are some of the most elite in the world. It feels like boxing has been your No1 sport, while boxing in America is competing for attention with American football and basketball.

"I want to be undisputed at super-featherweight, but it's becoming annoyingly difficult for the other champions to face my so I won't hang around. If there are bigger fights at higher weights, I will go after them.

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After Pete Bennett's departure from doc, Nikki Grahame fans said the same thing.

"If this is the winner of Katie Taylor against Amanda Serrano or Chantelle Cam, then that would be great.

"It will give me an excuse for coming back to Primark again, as I bought some amazing stuff there. They don't have them here in America so it's two birds with one.

Ireland's lightweight queen Taylor defends her titles on April 30th in New York against Serrano, a SEVEN-weight champion.

Cameron of Northampton holds two of the four super-lightweight world championships.

Mayer is closely watching them both as she contemplates her next steps after her November victory over Maiva Hamadouche.


She stated that she had purchased her ticket for Taylor vs Serrano, and would be there as a ringside witness.

"I would love the chance to be the victor of that. I have the ideal body type to be able go up a few classes. I want to be the undisputed champion in my division, but I won't wait.

"It feels as if we are in a golden era of female boxing. We have many great champions, and - importantly - most of these girls want the biggest and best fights."

Although not many boxers boast of their Primark habit, Mayer is a different fighter than the Instagram-loving cliche fighter flashing the money.

She proudly stated, "I don't own one designer item."

"No designer shoes, watch or belt, purse, handbag or belt.

Mikaela Mayer fights on Sky Sports, and she fancies a clash in the UK

Mikaela Mayer, the US world champion, wants to fight big in the UK

"I only invest in assets that I believe will grow. I also buy stocks and properties. I'm not the 'that kind' of person.

"I know how to properly invest and value my money. I'm sure I could have made millions if I were a male fighter, but I wouldn't have the money to spend it all.

"I work hard to earn my money so that I don't lose any of it."

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