Mike Tyson Faces £350,000 Payout Demand After Alleged Assault on Plane Passenger

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Mike Tyson Faces £350,000 Payout Demand After Alleged Assault on Plane Passenger
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Former Heavyweight Champion Admits Wrongdoing After Punching Passenger Who Requested a Photo

Mike Tyson may have to pay out £350,000 to a man he allegedly assaulted on a plane last year. The victim, Melvin Townsend, is demanding the hefty payout after suffering injuries following the incident. Tyson has admitted to being in the wrong and punching Townsend after the passenger annoyed him on a flight departing from San Francisco, USA.

Damages and Medical Costs

Townsend's legal representatives have claimed that their client experienced a range of physical and mental health issues as a result of the assault. He suffered pain in his head and neck, loss of consciousness, concussion, and contusion on the head. In addition, he allegedly experienced nausea, headaches, depression, memory issues, sleep issues, mood disturbances, vertigo, and compromised vision. Townsend, who did not have medical insurance at the time of the incident, has incurred significant costs for his treatment.

Legal Action Threatened

Townsend's lawyer, Jake Jondle, has written a letter to Tyson's representatives outlining their demands for a settlement. If an agreement cannot be reached, they are prepared to file a lawsuit. The letter points out that video evidence of Tyson repeatedly punching Townsend is widely available on the internet. It states that Townsend approached Tyson on the flight, excited to see him, and began discussing the marijuana industry and psychedelic mushrooms. Tyson allegedly became annoyed, reached over the seat, grabbed Townsend by the shirt collar, and proceeded to punch him in the head.

Rejection of Settlement

Tyson's lawyer, Alex Spiro, has rejected the demand for a settlement, referring to it as a "shakedown." He stated that he received a letter related to the incident and its aftermath, but there will be no payment made.

Tyson's Remorse

Despite the rejection of the settlement demand, Tyson has expressed remorse for his actions. He admitted that the incident should never have happened and that he was in a negative state of mind at the time. Tyson attributed his behavior to being irritated, tired, high, and angry, but acknowledged that it was wrong.

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