Mike Tyson secretly visited Arizona's children's cancer hospital. He banned cameras, but his kind side as a boxing icon is revealed

MIKE TYSON made a secret trip to a children's hospital for cancer once - but banned cameras from following him. He was the youngest champion..


MIKE TYSON made a secret trip to a children's hospital for cancer once - but banned cameras from following him.

He was the youngest champion heavyweight of all time and is known for his fierce fighting style and intimidating appearance.

Shelly Finkel photographed with Mike Tyson, 1999

Tyson was loved by those who were closest to him, such as his former boxing manager Shelly Finnkel.

SunSport interviewed Brooklyn's Finkel during his visit to New York. The Hall of Famer shared Iron Mike's soft side.

He stated: "We were in Arizona and while he was training, he said, Look, I'll drop in at a children’s cancer hospital.

"We went there, and many cameras were following us, and he said, "Shell, stop them." I replied, "What do you mean?"

He said, "Shelly, they don't belong in the hospital." These children are not being exploited for my visits.

Mike has a different side that many people don't get. He can also be hilarious, and just as funny as any other comedian.

Finkel's relationship with Tyson goes back to his teenage years as a sensation in amateur sports.

They first met in 1988, when Finkel brokered an exclusive pay-per-view closed-circuit deal for Tyson’s victory over Michael Spinks.

Finkel was appointed his full-time manager after Evander Holyfield's 1997 disqualification.

He stated, "It was one the greatest trips of all my life." Mike Tyson's adventures were amazing.

In an effort to revive Tyson's career, the manager took Tyson around the globe, stopping in England, Scotland, and even Denmark.

Tyson's enormous popularity was evidently felt all over Europe.

This included outshining pop stars, closing down shopping centers and using a police horse to beat the crowds.

Finkel recalled: "When I went to London, George Michael was on my plane and we flew together. No one really cared about him."

"Mike hadn't been to Europe before to fight and was surrounded by people everywhere.

"They tried taking the door off the limousine, so we stayed at Grove House. Everyday press would be waiting for us out, waiting to go somewhere.

"While we were in Brixton the crowds were too large that they had to pick him up from the crowd and place him on a horse.

"When we fought against Denmark, the crowds were insane. They closed the shopping center to prevent it from becoming overrun. Mike was like that.

"It was amazing with him, always something, always fun."

Finkel was a partner in Tyson's fight right up to his last professional bout against Kevin McBride, an Irish-based American.

He said that he remembered the fight. "We went to the backroom, and he said, "Shelly, it's not mine."

"I said, "You can't beat that guy?" He replied, "I don't know." He said, "I don't have it anymore. I have no desire." That was his last fight.

Finkel had been in touch with Tyson two years ago when the boxing legend made a surprise comeback.

Tyson, 56, won eight exhibition rounds with Roy Jones (53), and there was talk of a Trilogy with Holyfield.

After Holyfield's brutal beating by former UFC champion Vitor Bebelfort, 45 was enough to cause Holyfield to be fired.

Finkel is still managing, especially with Deontay Wilder (ex-WBC champ), who is scheduled for a fight later this year.

Tyson is still training amid rumours that he could face Jake Paul, 25, a YouTuber turned prizefighter.

Mike Tyson after his fight against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020

Shelly Finkel, boxing manager with Deontay wilder in 2018