Conor McGregor's Potential UFC 300 Showdown with Dustin Poirier

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Conor McGregor's Potential UFC 300 Showdown with Dustin Poirier
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The Notorious Set to Return to the Octagon

Conor McGregor could be making his long-awaited comeback to the UFC in a shocking UFC 300 showdown with Dustin Poirier. McGregor, who hasn't fought since his trilogy fight against Poirier two-and-a-half years ago, is now fighting fit after recovering from a broken leg.

Poirier Ready to Shut McGregor Up

Dustin Poirier, former interim lightweight champion, has thrown his hat into the ring to welcome McGregor back to the octagon. Poirier aims to "shut him up once and for all" after McGregor recently made comments about their unfinished business. Despite being 2-1 up in their series, Poirier is willing to take on McGregor again.

A Huge Fight on the Cards

Poirier acknowledges that a fight with McGregor would be massive, but questions if there is another reason for it. However, he is open to the opportunity, considering the financial reward and the chance to solidify his lead against the sport's biggest star.

Uncertainty Surrounding McGregor's Opponent

Although a fight between McGregor and Chandler was announced earlier this year, it is not yet guaranteed. Poirier questions the status of the Chandler fight and wonders what's going on behind the scenes.

Conor McGregor's Potential UFC 300 Showdown with Dustin Poirier
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Poirier Eager for a Spot on UFC 300 Card

Poirier, a fan favorite, is eager to secure a spot on the stacked UFC 300 card. He missed out on UFC 200 and won't be around for UFC 400, so being part of the historic event would be a significant achievement for him. Poirier is currently waiting for confirmation on his next opponent, with plans to fight early next year.

Plans in Place for UFC 300

Although no fights have been officially announced for UFC 300, UFC president Dana White has revealed that his matchmakers have tentative ideas for the event. Fights have already been secured until early February, and plans are in motion for March and April.

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