Stevie Ray, a Scottish MMA fighter, quit after being told he would never fight again... Now he is a win away PFL's $1m prize

STEVIE RAY had to announce his MMA retirement. He was told he would not fight again. Now he is just one win away $1million. The lightweight from..


STEVIE RAY had to announce his MMA retirement. He was told he would not fight again. Now he is just one win away $1million.

The lightweight from Scotland in 2020 gave up his UFC gloves after beating Michael Johnson, his biggest win of his career.

Stevie Ray reserved his spot in the final of the PFL

Ray was diagnosed with chronic knee pains and doctors warned that Ray's days as a fighter were over. Ray had worked for more than a decade.

Ray signed with the Professional Fighters League to make a comeback.

After being qualified for their semi-finals he was rematching Anthony Pettis, an ex-UFC champion.

Ray beat Pettis twice with two wins in six week, booking his spot in the final of the PFL where only one loss will keep him from the $1m check.

Ray wept as he recalled his trip back to the cage with so much at stake ahead of the November showpiece.

He stated that despite having just beat Anthony Pettis twice in six weeks, it would seem like the best.

"But to be truthful, I have a little bit emotional attachment to what happened two-and-a half years ago.

"I won the largest fight of my career that year, beating Michael Johnson in Singapore. I also signed a new four-fight contract for the UFC.

"Then, a few months later, my career kinda came crashing down when a doctor told me that I couldn't fight again. I was then released from the UFC.

"I feel a little emotional, because I was feeling a little depressed.

"I spent twelve years trying to reach the top of the sport in order to provide for my family. To be able to say that I won the biggest victory of my career, it was a huge accomplishment.

It's more than that. It's what I have had to overcome over the past two-and-a half years to get back into the cage.

"I had injuries but it shows what I have done in the last year. I should have been better taken care of."

"Here, here I am. I have fought just three times in four month and now I'm one fight away at the million dollar and the world title.

"It's been an incredible rollercoaster ride the last three years.

The PFL is MMA’s only league format. It consists of a 2-bout regular season in which points can be earned for each method of winning.

The top four weights in each weight then progress to the knockout stages, which are semis and finals.

Ray, 32, lost the regular season opener, but beat Pettis (35), in his second fight via second-round submission. He earned him five points.

This was enough to get him to the fourth round, where he defeated Pettis to secure his spot in the winner-takes-all final.

Ray is now awaiting Canada's Olivier Aubin–Mercier, 33. Ray hopes to be the first British MMA champ since Michael Bisping.

Anthony Pettis was defeated by Stevie Ray for the second time