UFC President Dana White says that Michael Chandler's front kickKO of Tony Ferguson was the most victorious he's ever seen

MICHAEL CHANDLER's knockout against Tony Ferguson was most vicious that Dana White had ever seen. In the second round of UFC 274's Bellator..


MICHAEL CHANDLER's knockout against Tony Ferguson was "most vicious" that Dana White had ever seen.

In the second round of UFC 274's Bellator lightweight showdown, Chandler defeated Ferguson by three times. He did so with a viral front kick.

Tony Ferguson was flatlined by Michael Chandler's vicious front kick at UFC 274,

El Cucuy was already cold when he touched the canvas

UFC President Dana White was stunned by the knockouts

Ferguson, the Ultimate Fighter Season 13 winner, fell face-first onto the ground and was left out cold for nearly a minute.

White was astonished by Chandler's bonus-winningKO and stated in the post-fight press conference, "That was probably the most vicious knockout that I've ever seen."

Ferguson, 38, was taken to a local hospital for additional tests after being examined by UFC's medical staff.

He was released after his CT scans returned negative.



UFC 274: Chandler brutally knocks Ferguson out with a vicious front kick

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The defeat to Chandler was Ferguson's fourth consecutive stoppage loss. His previous three were at the hands Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira.

White insists that he is still a former interim champ despite his performance in round one of the lightweight barnburner.

He stated, "He looked pretty good in the first round.

"But that was an extremely vicious knockout. But I believe Tony should take some time to recover from that knockout.


The veteran promoter said, "I don’t know what’s next for him."

"But it's nothing like, 'Oh My God, Tony got dominated and looks like he doesn’t belong here.

"Tony looked pretty good up until he was caught.

"And you know that anyone can be caught with anything in this game."

Ferguson broke his silence about his latest setback early Monday morning on Twitter, tweeting: "Congratulations @MichaelChandlerMMA on his victory at UFC274.

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