UFC star Israel Adesanya shows his jaw when he learnt his father's staggering net worth

Israel Adesanya, UFC's superstar, has spoken out about how he found out his net worth. His exploits both inside and outside the UFC octagon have made ..


Israel Adesanya, UFC's superstar, has spoken out about how he found out his net worth.

His exploits both inside and outside the UFC octagon have made him a dominant middleweight champion.

Israel Adesanya is one the UFC's highest-earning fighters

The Kiwi, a Nigerian-born Kiwi, also makes quite a lot outside the Octagon

When his dad revealed his net worth, The Last Stylebender was shocked.

Adesanya was 32 years old and raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds per fight. His dad revealed the full extent of his wealth to him last Christmas.

The Last Stylebender stated that he loves learning and that's why he appears on Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson.

"Just before Christmas, I returned home. My pops is the man behind the scenes that helps me grow my money and make it work for me.

"He sat down with me and told me how much I was worth, and my jaw dropped to the floor.



Adesanya hopes that UFC will 'come to terms with Ngannou amid possible Fury fight


Adesanya "wants to feel as if he's about dying a few times per year."

"I was like, 'yo? for real?' And he was like, 'yeah!' I was like "s, we could've stopped this ages back if it were just about money", but it's more than that for me.

"I'm young, fresh, and hungry, and I want to f**k these mother ****ers while I can.

"Money's gonna comes, money's always gonna come. I don't struggle for money. The UFC is a place where everyone you fight is a fighter, and he can beat you."

Adesanya is not driven by financial security anymore.

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He said this ahead of his UFC 271 rematch against Robert Whittaker: "If it was about money, then I would have bounced."

"I would have done this probably three fights ago, because I'm sort of set.

"I have one the most intelligent men with money behind my and he's helping to me turn money the smartest way.

It's not all about money. I love money, don't get me wrong. It's not all about the money.

"This is about heritage, this about martial arts, it is about learning. I haven’t lost that step, but I’m still hungry.

Israel Adesanya signed a lucrative new deal with UFC in February

Adesanya, a fan favorite, has signed a new lucrative deal with MMA's premier promotion for February.

The Nigerian-born Kiwi thinks his new deal is the result all the chips he brings.

SunSport was informed by him that he believed it to be a mixture of all three.

"Even the Oceania situation with me and Alexander Volkanovski, champions, and the team that I have built over there.

"That's why the entire world is watching what we do in the UFC.

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"[There have been] many things, a lot factors have played into UFC's recognition of my value to them.

"They've been a great help and have shown me their value which I truly appreciate. They are a great team and I look forward doing more business with them."