UFC star Tony Ferguson revealed a'scary" memory loss. He only remembered waking up in an ambulance after Michael Chandler KO.

TONY FERGUSON revealed that he had memory problems after his shocking knockout loss to Michael Chandler. Ferguson, a fan favourite, was beaten by a..


TONY FERGUSON revealed that he had memory problems after his shocking knockout loss to Michael Chandler.

Ferguson, a fan favourite, was beaten by a vicious front kick during the second round at UFC 274 last Saturday.

Tony Ferguson was brutally knocked unconscious by Michael Chandler at UFC 274,

The picture-perfect front kick by Chandler reverberated throughout Ferguson’s entire body

The former interim champ at 155 lb doesn't recall anything from the second round.

El Cucuy was slow to get around, and was then immediately taken to the hospital to undergo additional medical checks.

Ferguson was released from the hospital after his CT scan returned a negative result. However, the knockout did cause some brain damage.

On Instagram, he wrote: "I took an enormous kick to the dome Saturday inside that Octagon. It was a great feeling.

"It was scary not being able to remember anything between the first round and the moment I got up to the ambulance.



After the brutal UFC 274 loss to Chandler, Ferguson was given a TWO-MONTH suspension


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"I am grateful to God that I was able to return to reality every day. All jokes aside: I didn't mean for you to be scared. '"

Ferguson, 37 years old, is not content with his current setbacks.

He stated that it was his fault that he lost. Thanks to Chandler for the real highlight. I have many things to improve upon, and not just compete. One battle at a.

"I am not perfect, but I will continue to work towards perfection in the practice room. (Perfection is an unattainable goal.) A wise man once said to me that perfect practice makes perfect.

"There is always more to be learned and being coachable is huge. I am beyond grateful.

"My movements are fine, my bones are strong and I feel good. I have a slight headache in mornings but I am happy to be back doing what I love (light duty).

"I want to do better than yesterday.. not for anybody else, but for myself. Make good adjustments every day, and I will keep doing so.

"Home team, thank you for being great. You're the best crew that a guy like me could wish for. Respect I'm going to watch my fight for the first-time. Cleared, and ready to learn.

Although Chandler's defeat was Ferguson's fourth in a row, UFC president Dana White hasn't yet written off the former interim champion.

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White stated that Ferguson looked great in the first round of their fight after-fight press conference.

"But that was an extremely vicious knockout. Tony should take some time to recover from that knockout.